Anya Scott-Rodgers

Singer/Actor/Children's Entertainer


Anya joined the company in 2013 but is no stranger to the singing kettle. Her future career started to take shape from an early age when at the grand old age of six she received "rave reviews" for her performance as the Wee Kirkcudbright Centipede, (red wellies in hand), at Lanark Memorial Hall. Artie had selected her from the audience during the 1993 World Tour Show.

Her mother was also a big influence having been a Ballet Dancer in London and at home led the singalongs with Anya and her three brothers. No surprise then that Anya has always been interested in different styles of music and nothing stops her singing along with anything and everything!

Her first part on stage was playing "The Turkey" in a Primary School Nativity and she can still remember her one and only line!

Anya was recently "disappeared" by David Copperfield on a trip to Las Vegas, but reappeared again in time to get engaged to her Fiance Stuart.


All about Anya

  • Born in Glasgow and attended St. Marys Primary (Lanark), St. Aidans' High School (Wishaw) winning the Higher and Advanced Higher Music awards.
  • Anya has a degree from Glasgow University: MA (hons) in English Literature/Theatre Studies
  • She has two further qualifications: Glasgow College of Nautical Studies - HND Acting and Performance & Reid Kerr College - HNC Production and Technical Theatre
  • Anya can play Piano, Saxophone, Guitar and a bit of Bass
  • She owns a Mandolin, Ocarina, Frog Guiro, Bodhran, Miniature Accordian and a Kazoo but doesn't claim to be a master of any of them (except the Kazoo).
  • Worked with the Baldy Bane theatre Company for a few years, travelling and touring all over the country performing in Scottish Schools.
  • Enjoys swimming and was a trained lifeguard and survival coach at Lanark Swimming Pool
  • She is always happy playing Nintendo
  • Anya loves walking the family dog Eevee, a Finnish Laphund named after the Pokemon!