All About Bonzo

  • Career: Went to training college, but failed final exam.
  • Studied Archaeology at Hounslow College because he thought he could dig up some really great bones!
  • Sniffer Dog for 3 months.
  • Bouncer at the Kennel Club before moving next to the Singing Kettle to become a star!
  • Hobbies: Going for long walks, swimming, golf, singing, dancing, fetching sticks, landscape gardening, chasing cats, opera, computer games.
  • His first solo assignment was presenting the shop advert at the end of the Singing Kettle DVDs. He then went on to star in his very own DVD called “ Bonzo” where he really enjoyed the special “out and about sections”.
  • Born in Leeds on 8/8/98, but raised in Barking.