Kevin Macleod

Singer/Scriptwriter/Children's Entertainer


Kevin's Association with The Singing Kettle began in 1992 when he stood in as Stage Manager when the cast were doing The Wild West Show on tour in Dumfries and Galloway. The lure of the limelight was hard to resist though and the following year he found himself in the guest role of Mr. Hootchie Kootchie, the Boogie Woogie Zoo Keeper, whilst still stage managing. He continued working with the team periodically until becoming a fully joined up member in November 1997. Since Winter Wonderland in 2001 Kevin has taken on a central role in the show, replacing Jane as one of the main presenters. He has toured all over the UK with The Singing Kettle and travelled to Washington DC, the Middle East and Jordan with the show. Kevin is married to Traci and has twin daughters, Hannah and Emily, who are now at university.


All about Kevin

  • Raised in Aberdeen where he attended Mile End Primary School and Robert Gordon's College.
  • At 18 he went to Queen Margaret College, Edinburgh to study for a Diploma in Drama and Stage Management, graduating in 1990.
  • Has worked for many theatres across Scotland since leaving college including the Tron, Brunton, Royal Lyceum and Edinburgh Festival Theatre.
  • Kevins voice quality and talent for accents has opened up a new part time career as a voice over artist on adverts
  • He has worked for 'Celtic Connections' at The Glasgow Royal Concert Hall every year since 1998. Initially as a stage manager then more recently hosting the Education Concerts and the Festival Club.
  • Kevin has appeared in 'Balamory' and 'Dear Green Place' for BBC Scotland
  • The Most embarrassing Singing Kettle moment for Kevin was falling off stage in Largs while dressed as a pelican and cracking his collar bone!
  • Kevin is also the lead singer in a Rock. Roll, Rythm and Blues band; 'Not Big Not Klevir' and also performs in a duo called '3'za Crowd' who perform gigs all over Scotland
  • As well as starring in the show, he writes scripts and 'trains' Bonzo the Dog
  • The family home is shared with their three cats; Blue, Storm and Silver