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What age group?

It's most popular with the younger age group in the primay school, nursery or playgroup.  There is always an amazing atmosphere when the whole school get together and it's a great surprise to staff that the older children enjoy singing along so much.


How many children?

Simple.  As many as your hall can hold up to a maximum of around 300.  Some schools prefer two performances in the day so everyone can be accommodated.  Artie carries a simple Bose sound system that covers the whole audience without being too loud for those with sensitive hearing.


How much space does the show need?

The show works best on the floor, across the hall, so that Artie can connect to children very easily.  Space is flexible but a rough guide is 2m deep by 5m wide.


How long is the show?

It depends very much on the age of the children but it's good to allow an hour for the performance.  Fit up takes about 30 minutes and around 15 minutes to get out.


Will he come to our school?

Artie lives in Glasgow so one off shows are possible in central Scotland.  Further afield needs to be part of a tour but he is in enough demand that a short tour can often be arranged around your dates


Can our school afford it?

There are standard fees and Artie will be glad to quote you.  If you need two shows in the one day there is a reduced rate and the same thing applies if you can arrange more than one school.  Please email or Facebook message Artie for a price.  It is extremely affordable.                             

Contact Artie

Please contact Artie by email for bookings.  
Quick reply guaranteed.


Glasgow, Scotland


For security please use email and include your number for call back



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