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Artie's Singing Kettle For Your Space

"Artie's Singing Kettle" name sells.  
Always willing to reach a mutually beneficial financial deal with management or organisers.



Attracts a family audience.  Show can be in two halves or run straight through.  Planned to be an easy get-in and get-out.
Can work with or without projection.  Easily staffed as it's a one-man show with very little technical requirements.


Festivals and Arts Events

Artie can theme your performance to the title of your event.  Folk Festivals for example would contain more story songs or a martime festival can ask for the programme to reflect songs and stories of the sea.


Gala Days, Highland Games, Agricultural Shows

Often the most popular format at these events is to perform short shows of 20 minute duration throughout the day. For example on the hour, every hour.  Audiences will stay for that length of time and come back for more later on in the day.  Great in a tent for a wet weather event.

Contact Artie

Please contact Artie by email for bookings.  
Quick reply guaranteed.


Glasgow, Scotland


For security please use email and include your number for call back



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